Alien: Isolation review

righto to start of the i played this on the xbone. Lets start with the controls they're a bit sluggish at times and got me killed a fair bit by the synths but that didn't really bother me, apart from that there's nothing else i can say bad about this game, time for the good shit. The story in my opinion is really well thought out and feels like its a proper sequel to Ridley Scott's alien the atmosphere is creepy at times especially later on in the game, the weapons even thought there in the game are not very useful as the alien cant be killed and will insta kill you if it sees you, the synths on the other hand need on hard at least 4 bullets to the head to kill from the revolver. the hiding mechanism is cool i really liked that, the tracker was a nice throw back to the movies with the loud ping you had to be careful thought. All in all i really enjoyed this game and i hope you cunts do as well hope this review was helpful and shit to who ever reads this cya cunts later

How shit is it?

Reviewed 2014-10-18 17:52:36